WebRequest Standard Troubleshooting

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WebRequest Standard Troubleshooting

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For anyone having trouble with WebRequest, I have put together a simple guide of common errors and troubleshooting. If your PHP is set up correctly for mail then the script should email you for most errors.

There is an overview of setup here: http://wiki.shoutirc.com/index.php/WebRequest_System

Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Make sure you are using the MySQL Queue plugin in AutoDJ, using the QueuePlugin line in AutoDJ/Options and the MySQL config as seen here: http://wiki.shoutirc.com/index.php/Conf ... ueue_MySQL.
2. Make sure you are using the same MySQL information in your config.inc.php including table name.
3. Check that your ircbot host/port/user/pass is correct in your config.inc.php.
3a) Remember this is the IP the bot is running on and the port specified in the RemotePort option in the Base section of your config, not your IRC server or shoutcast IP/port.
3b) The username/password is one you created earlier with !adduser. You will usually want at least the flags +sarqnd
4. If you are running the bot behind a NAT/router and WebRequest is running on an outside network you will probably need to forward your remote port so WebRequest can connect (Only TCP is needed, not UDP).

Once the bot is using the MySQL Queue plugin and the script can communicate with the bot (and AutoDJ is playing) then it will show the AutoDJ playlist. (Also it only checks once a minute to save on bandwidth so wait a minute after the bot starts before checking.)

The script will also email you if there are any errors (if your PHP is set up correctly to send email).
You can also contact me via email or instant messenger, links are at the bottom of this post.