Dynamic !topic command

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Dynamic !topic command

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Well what I am asking for is a !topic command that would override auto topic if the station is offline, as an example when the station goes offline the bot will change the topic to 'This radio is offline, for info on why go to bla.com/post'
but say this is not just some short term downtime or the website is down, you can do '!topic We are offline due to data center maintence, we will be back online in about 1 - 4 hours, sorry for the inconvenience' and the bot will do the topic change in all channels/networks the bot is on, at the same time bypassing dotopic then when the radio comes back online it returns to doing them using what was set in ircbot.text
This would be a nice addition if at all possible!

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Re: Dynamic !topic command

Post by Rocksound »

this will be a nice add on thats if it goes down more then 10 mins

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