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Hey, I was considering this program and i'm not entirely sure if it will work for what I want. I want to have a bot that enters my mumble server and is able to stream music automatically. I need it to work so that when people input commands through mumble, it will respond. For example, when a mumble user tells the bot through mumble to play a certain song, it will play it. Is this bot capable of doing that, and if so, what will I need to purchase?


Edit: sorry for my lack of knowledge in this subject

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Re: Mumble

Post by Indy »

It can't actually stream to a mumble channel, but it can accept commands, search and play music, etc., to a shoutcast or icecast server. You would need RadioBot Basic if you don't mind pre-encoding your music to your stream or RadioBot Full to use AutoDJ which will transcode for you.
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